March 05, 2018


Arizona had been calling to us lately, It's history runs so deep and it's beauty is all-embracing. Earlier last month, we headed east towards the desert and brought a few of our most beloved pieces with us.  We began our journey in Tucson to see the mighty Saguaro cactus, which can live well over one hundred years and reach over forty feet high.

Saguaro National Park in Tucson, AZ
The FORMAS dress
Entrance to Arcosanti in Mayer, AZ
We stopped in at Arcosanti, an urban utopia in the middle of the Yavapai County desert. Construction began in the late 1960's by the Italian architect Paolo Soleri and explored the symbiosis between human habitats and their ecological surroundings.  
Jumpsuit, Coming Soon...

Just past midnight, we drove up through a single dimly lit road winding up into the Black Hills.  Jerome is an old copper mining town overlooking the Verde Valley.  Many legends and lore surround these hills, it's American roots run back to 1876. The next morning, we met the sunrise and headed further up Cleopatra hill to explore the mine that closed nearly seventy years ago.

After a short drive down the hill into the Verde Valley, we entered the magical red sandstone mountains of Sedona.  It's a place vibrating with energy and sprits.  Native American Tribes once inhabited these sacred lands, and pre-historic Archaic people have settled in these valleys for thousands of years. 

Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ

Spiral Wood from the mystical Sedona trees near the vortex at Bell Rock, according to legend trees that grow near vortexes often grow in a curved pattern because of twisting in the energy field.

The LONA top & MANO trouser.